C-SPAN 2010 Midterm Election Result Analysis (Conservative Perspective)

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This is another media event where political analysis and some strategies for the major parties are discussed in depth.

For those interested in understanding to a deeper extent how the politics revolve around policy, C-SPAN is helpful in that regard.

I find it interesting that most think there won’t be a Democratic challenger to President Obama for President in the next election cycle.

One reason given is because of his African-American status, that with about 20% of the Democratic base with that same demographic, it would be unwise.

I don’t agree that should be a reason. Candidates should dismiss the race factor and run on policy differences. No political office holder has a special priviledge to that high office. Those who don’t agree with that perspective shouldn’t run for office because they don’t understand that office transcends such factors. President Obama understands that and became President because he did.

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