C-SPAN: U.S. Worldwide Security Threats

Last night I watched the U.S. Senate Committee Select Intelligence C-SPAN session, on TV. The program description is shown next:

The nation’s top intelligence leaders testified about security threats facing the nation at home and abroad. They focused on terrorist threats, nuclear proliferation, cybercrime, and unrest in the Middle East. National Intelligence Director James Clapper commented on Egypt’s political unrest saying that the Muslim Brotherhood probably did not favor the peace treaty with Israel but is only one voice in the emerging politics of the nation.

The Committee asked the panelists many questions about problems in the Middle East and elsewhere around the planet.

One of the questions was how to deal with “High Value Terrorists“, if, “they are caught“? The answer from the Obama Administration representative was important and accurate.

As in previous committee sessions, some answers would only be given behind close doors, away from the American public knowing what is really going on in the intelligence programs. We don’t know how well well or how poorly they ar doing their jobs. But whatever they are doing, it’s not enough for me.

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