C-SPAN: The Impact of WWII on the Future of Warfare

This afternoon I watched the session, The Impact of WWII on the Future of Warfare from March 21, 2000. The description from C-SPAN is below:

Military historian John Keegan spoke about his book The Second World War. The book is an outstanding one-volume treatment of a vast subject, and is arranged both chronologically and thematically. Mr. Keegan talked about his personal recollections of World War II as a young boy in England, the impact of the war on the victors as well as the losers, and how the war continues to influence events today. He then responded to audience comments and questions.

I found this presentation extremely informative concerning the effects on people at the time of WWII . The author also spoke about how the winning and losing nations in the conflict changed after the war ended. Some of the insights the author mentioned still apply today.

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