C-SPAN: State Department Daily Briefing 022811

Earlier I watched today’s State Department Daily Briefing C-SPAN session, on TV. The program description is shown next:

P.J. Crowley briefed reporters and answered questions. He said a no fly zone around Egypt is just one of many options being considered by the U.S. and others. Mr. Crowley also said the U.S. ambassador to Libya is in direct contact with opposition groups there.

Many questions from the audience of reporters concerning the degree of United States involvement in the internal affairs of the sovereign nation of Libya.

I understand the United States abhors violence and often decides what to say or do about it depending on the ability of a nation to resist the action we undertake.

From past history in my lifetime of another nation’s Civil War (Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, etc.), I’m not in favor of the United States military intervention. Americans start dying every time we get involved in such matters. From my limited perspective, Libya is no threat to the United States. We need to remember we are not the World’s Police Force.

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