C-SPAN: Presidents Obama and Hu Joint Press Conference

On Wednesday night, January 19, 2011, I watched this Joint New Conference between President Obama and President Hu of China. My comments are below:

I would like to hear the English translation of the Chinese translator relating questions and comments spoken in English to President Hu. I want to know that the translation is equivalent in each case to the original expressed statements.

President Hu skipped answering the first question about the terrible history of Human Rights oppression in China, blaming the technical difficulties in his hearing the translation. When he was asked again by another reporter, he avoided a direct response. [This is why I want to know the English translation of what he heard from the Chinese translator. I have my doubts that questions are translated to the same intent as the original in English.]

I believe President Obama pressed Hu and China as strongly as he could in public. Hopefully he made his points even more strongly in private to Hu and the Chinese Delegation.

I’m reminded of the documented public exchanges at the highest levels between the U.S. and Japan governments prior to Japan’s attack on the United States, December 7, 1941.

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