C-SPAN: President Obama’s Remarks on Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefits

I listened to the President’s News Conference today. The description of the session is next:

As an Independent Centrist, I politically align myself more with the Tea Party Advocates instead of the Democrats or GOP. That perspective allows me to be wary of both major political parties that cater to their extremes, instead of the moderates. I have two points in response to this conference:

  1. I detest the descriptions of “income classes” (upper, middle, lower) that divide up Americans based upon their amount of wealth. I support extending the current tax rates, not to support the “upper class” (as they are inaccurately referred), but to eliminate the idea of  class warfare. In fact, I support a Flat Tax or Fair Tax replacement for the progressive tax system as a way to eliminate class warfare.
  2. I think the President is beginning to be a more centrist President because he is moving from the far left towards the center. All I need to verify that is to see the harsh reactions of the far left to him, to know that’s true. President Obama is wise to move towards the center where the majority of the nation is.

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