C-SPAN: Newt Gingrich Remarks at CPAC

Last night I watched the C-SPAN session, Newt Gingrich Remarks, on TV. He was participating in the American Conservative Union sponsored Conservative Political Action Conference. The program description is shown next:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich challenged President Obama to govern from the middle and offered to extend him an invitation to next year’s CPAC meeting.

Newt laid out the seven steps that President Obama should implement immediately to be seriously considered a Centrist. I agreed with almost all of those steps. As an Independent Centrist, I don’t go along with everything the Tea Party, GOP, or Democratic national organizations want.

This was an important speech by Newt. He also pointed out that a majority of Americans are against several Obama Policies suggesting that’s where the “center” is on those issues.

I enjoyed his information and hope to see much of it come to light after the 2012 election, if not before.

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