C-SPAN: 2011 Gaithersburg Book Festival; The Clockwork Universe

Last night I watched the BookTV: 2011 Gaithersburg Book Festival; The Clockwork Universe C-SPAN session, on TV. The program description is shown next:

Edward Dolnick talked about his book The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World (Harper, 2011), a group portrait of some great scientists at a crucial point of scientific history. This presentation was in the James Michener Non-Fiction Pavilion on the grounds of City Hall at the 2nd annual Gaithersburg Book Festival. This session lasted 37 minutes.

Edward has fascinating insights into some of histories brightest intellects that lived hundreds of years ago. Edward has a web site.

His book, “The Clockwork Universe” is in print and also available at the Apple iBooks Store.

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