Book Review: The Silent Intelligence – The Internet of Things

In December 2013 I met, Daniel Obodovski, one of the authors of the book, The Silent Intelligence – The Internet of Things. He spoke about the subject of his book and I ordered his book a couple days later to gain a better insight to that topic.

His co-author is, Daniel Kellmereit, and together they explored what connecting ordinary day items to each other using the Internet might mean to people all over the globe. Their research included interviews of current authors of the same subject and leaders of industries who already are deeply involved with the silent intelligence.

They cover a brief history of modern technology in the 20th century and how up until the wireless internet boom, isolated mostly analog objects were not connected nor could we usually communicate with them except perhaps through a proprietary interface attached to the particular object itself.

Subsequent chapters deal with the early age of interconnection with some devices conceived by innovative visionaries and those who sought and built emerging markets. Examples of those markets include some that didn’t survive their first first exposure to the light and those that are today still pivoting and providing new opportunities.

This book helps light the path before us whether we are users, innovators, marketers, or just visionaries mapping out new territories. The Internet of Things for all of us is becoming more of a reality each day.

In this 21st century: vehicles; personal portable handheld instruments; our appliances; even behind the scenes monitoring of our health, indeed our very whereabouts may be captured for later analysis. Societies change over time and the Internet of Things accelerates that rate of change. I suggest you purchase this book to see what lies ahead for the rest of us.

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