One of My Favorite Triton College Math Books from 1983

I pulled out one of my books from Triton College to review. I thought it was one of the best math books I ever laid my hands upon back in 1983. I just measured the thickness of the 620 pages of information it contains to be 1.5 inches.

Basic Trigonometry is just the start of this book, it gets into more advanced aspects of Trig at a reasonable pace using excellent examples of the well-written text. By the time a student reaches the end of the book, they should understand the concepts and calculations involving: Vectors; Identities and Interpolation; Sine Wave Analysis; and Manipulating Calculations involving Complex Numbers.

The several classes I took at Triton College between 1979 and 1983 were helpful stepping-stones in my career. I worked hard to learn and was surprised that I earned a straight “A” average during those years.

Educating the neurons in our brains to solve complex problems allows those same neurons to help us learn new skills because of the way they form new connections as extensions of what they already connect to inside our mind.


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