Back to the Future with HyperCard

April 19, 2020

Yesterday I published a link and image on my Wall of an animated LineView art image created by the GitHub Account Team:

They had created some cool iOS SwiftUI Code to produce chart images like the one below:

Some of my previous posts on my the Internet concern running HyperCard on my 2015 iMac running SheepShaver and MacOS 9 under macOS Catalina 10.15.4.

This is another message about some work I did this morning using those technologies to convey the work I did in the early 1990’s using HyperCard to create my Chart 3.2 Stack for presentations to groups of people.

There are three SheepShaver window images linked below that illustrate the actual mouse movements to create a presentation of generated random data and how to display points on that data as the mouse pointer traverses the chart.

I actually could use that template to extend other programming code to fulfill actions based upon mouse-clicked data inputs. This all was a few years before the Internet arrived.

Of course nowadays, my Chart 3.2 Stack is outclassed by new technologies. But it had potential back then like so many other HyperCard Stacks that I created and used commercially in Everyday Objects, Inc.

To see the images in your browser, click thisĀ link, and then click the image to see it full size. Click again and it will go back to reduced side.


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