Business Insider Article about Pete Yared

May 17, 2019

Another “Business Insider” article about my friend, Pete Yared and his accomplishments.

In the article, Pete mentions two products that my previous software corporation, Newbound, Inc., contributed a small amount of the software development works towards:

Postano, social post aggregator for websites and sports stadiums
Founded: 2010
Sold: 2016, to Sprinklr (fee undisclosed)

Sapho, an employee portal for new and old applications
Founded: 2014
Sold: 2018, to Citrix (for $225 million)

Pete also mentions Prograph CPX which my first software corporation, EveryDay Objects, Inc., created a related software development product. It was through Prograph CPX that I and my former partners came to meet Pete and became friends in late 1993. He graciously helped us in our companies several times over the last 26 years. 🙂

Lastly, Pete briefly hosted my first ever corporate website (EveryDay Objects, Inc.) for free on his home server. Our company was one of the first small business websites and soon ran on our own custom created dynamic database-driven web server created with Propgraph CPX.

” “If you look at my last company, Sapho, we had built some tech that took years to build; it was a really complicated app virtualization service. We had a list of Fortune 100 customers. But the next step was, ‘How do we get this service to be used by all of the Global 2000?’

“So we ended up selling Sapho to Citrix because Citrix was already selling app virtualisation to the Global 2000. They already had a relationship with those companies, and they wanted something new and interesting that would accelerate their growth.” ”


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