Apple WWDC 2015 Videos Watched as of September 15, 2015

As of today I have watched these 30 videos:

104 HD Whats New In Xcode 7
106 HD Whats New In Swift
107 HD Whats New In Cocoa Touch
215 HD Whats New In Storyboards
220 HD Whats New In Core Data
225 HD Whats New In NsCollectionView
226 HD Advanced NSOperations
231 HD Cocoa Touch Best Practices
402 HD Whats New In LLBD
405 HD Authoring Rich Playgrounds
407 HD Implementing Ui Designs In Interface Builder
408 HD Protocoloriented Programming In Swift
411 HD Swift In Practice
414 HD Building Better Apps With Value Types In Swift
501 HD Whats New In Web Development In Webkit And Safari
704 HD Whats New In Cloudkit
710 HD Cloudkit Js And Web Services
711 HD Networking With NSUrlSession
715 HD Cloudkit Tips And Tricks
717 HD Whats New In Network Extension And VPN
718 HD Building Responsive And Efficient Apps With GCD
719 HD Your App And Next Generation Networks

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