Announcing the Newbound Network Website

The Newbound Network website is now live. My business partner, Marc Raiser, and I have been working on this website for a couple months now.

Part of our charter here at Newbound is that we are a small company built on trust. We believe that trust is rapidly becoming a key factor in how people interact on the internet. We want to be able to choose who we trust, how much and with what. That’s what the Newbound Network lets you do.

The actual Newbound Network software itself is a powerful software asset for those interested in a secure, private, encrypted peer-to-peer environment.

Freedom, Power, Flexibility

Get on the Newbound Network and take control of your computers, phones, and other Smart-Things™. The Newbound Network is your own personal network of devices you want to stay connected with. No need for some cloud company in the middle, just connect directly to those you choose to trust and have an anonymous conversation, share files or host a private game server for your friends.

Please check our new website out when you get the chance.

Thank you.

[Update 2:48 PM April 19, 2014] Shortly after I posted this today, I received this great invite for an upcoming CyberTech presentation.


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