Announcing Newbound Inc.’s Powerstrip Universal IOS® Version 3.1 in the Apple App Store

Newbound Inc.’s free Powerstrip Universal version 3.1 (requires iOS 7.0 or later) is now available in the Apple® App Store℠.


This app is designed to work with either the free Powerstrip Demo or user-built Web Enabled Powerstrip shown below.

The inexpensive commercial software for operating the actual Web Enabled Powerstrip is described here and may be purchased online in the Newbound Powerstrip Store.

Here are the accompanying written building instructions for that device. See the streaming video and or pictures of building your own Web Enabled Powerstrip.

You may install the applicable Powerstrip Demo linked above and run it on your local network, if you have access to a:

  • Mac® running Mountain Lion 10.8.x (or later)
  • Windows 64-bit Operating System
  • Computer running Java 6 or later

The Demo software will launch a web browser from your computer or you may use the Powerstrip Universal iOS app on your compatible  iPhone®, iPad ®, or iPod touch® to connect and get an idea of how to control an actual user-built Web Enabled Powerstrip. This short video demonstrates the software in action.

The custom plastic parts for the Web Enabled Powerstrip inside and out are designed by my business partner, Marc Raiser, created using our Makerbot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer shown below.

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