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August 8, 2019

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I first saw Mathematica at the 1986 MacWorld in San Francisco when I was in the Apple Developer Program. I spoke to the creator of the application as he demoed some of the very cool features. It was aimed for higher education and that wasn’t related to my interests back then.

In the many years since I played with newer versions once in a while, but I still hadn’t found a reason then to get further involved in it. That changed about five years ago.

During 2013 I discovered Mathematica was included for free on Raspberry Pi computers, of which I own three. I installed it and have used it occasionally since.

Last night I took a free Hands-On Webinar and I enjoyed watching the advancements. I signed up the free 15-Day Trial and started working with that Desktop version today. I expect to become more familiar with it before that trial period ends and thereafter work with it on my Raspberry Pi computers.

It takes time and effort to keep skills as fresh as possible. My LinkedIn Home Page contains my long listing of educational pursuits.

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