About Robert M. Katzman’s Skokie, IL Store

My long-time friend, Bob Katzman, has a magazine and newspaper store in Skokie, IL. Bob’s store is an established brink-and-mortar business.

His business is one of the last types of stores in his category. Now some DePaul University students are helping him out for the Digital Age.

Here a few quotes from the linked article:

Nine DePaul students from an undergraduate entrepreneurship class have started meeting with Katzman, and over the next six weeks they will study his storefront business at 4906 Oakton St. and help him find ways to make the leap into the digital age, said the group’s project manager, Anna Chismorie.

Chismorie, 21, said it’s something of a challenge for students her age to find the digital hook for something so … old fashioned.

“To have this kind of opportunity is great,” she said. “Especially for us because we’re not used to these kinds of stores.”

“I think the biggest problem is that many of us think they don’t exist anymore, but they still do,” added the student. “That’s our biggest problem — that the generation these days, have technology.

I published a Press Release about Bob’s business.

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