San Diego CyberTECH Annual Planning Meeting Comments

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The San Diego CyberTECH Annual Planning Meeting early today was very productive. Six hours later we created a set of activities to guide the organization going forward.

Some of the next steps for the Directors and we Advisors to the Board are to help standup the committee for the organization’s 2016 goals, develop the strategies and tactics to manage those deliverables. This setting lets me practice my leadership and project management skills.

Also, I was appointed as a second Co-Chair for the Internet of Things Meetups throughout the coming year. It’s a great opportunity to help shape this very important element of this large CyberTECH organization.


Some of the 2016 CyberTECH IoT Events are shown below.

CyberTECH 2016-2017 IoT Events

Here is the Fall 2015 United States CyberSecurity Magazine link and cover.

“This magazine is published quarterly to help raise the level of awareness of the ever-increasing amount of Cyber crimes taking place right here in the United States of America and how to defend against these crimes through information provided here-in and by our Cyber crime-fighting advertisers displaying prevention and protection strategies in Cybersecurity.”


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