C-SPAN: Treasury Department 2012 Budget

Last night I watched the U.S. House of Representatives Budget Committee C-SPAN session, on TV. The program description is shown next:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner testified about his department’s budget for 2012. The budget called for an increase to $14 billion in spending to support collection processes of the Internal Revenue Service and financial regulation legislation passed in 2010. The budget is about a 4 percent increase from 2010.

This was a very informative presentations. Both sides are entrenched and give supportive arguments to their positions. The support for the President’s Proposed 2012 Budget was only expressed by the Democratic representatives. It was noteworthy that the Democrats took issues with portions of the proposal. That was a surprise!

This is the start of the budget process for 2012. I don’t look for much of the President’s budget ideas to make it in the final budget.

If I could envision the instruments used on the proposed budget by the two committee political sides, I would select a tweezer for the Democrats and a chainsaw by the Republicans. I’m in favor the latter.

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