My Photo from the 1967 Bowenite Yearbook

Yesterday, two of my 1968 Bowen high school graduating classmates sent me this picture: Nadine Mack and Roman Zerebny​.

I earlier made a request on the Bowen 1968 Facebook page if someone could provide me this image from the 1967 Bowenite Yearbook. The actual photo here was originally taken in the Fall of 1966.

1967 Bowenite Yearbook

I am the blonde person shown in the background. It is one of a few photos of me with long hair also found only in that 1967 Yearbook.

My strong interest in it was because I saw this image the first time in the early 1970’s and wanted a copy of the image. I searched for it since then to no avail until yesterday.

Now thanks to my classmates, I have it in digital format.

Thank you again, Nadine and Roman.

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