Deep Learning (Machine Learning )Education Studies

September 22, 2018

Note: [**] indicates Python3 Script or Jupyter Notebook ran fine

It takes time and effort to keep skills as fresh as possible. My LinkedIn Home Page contains my long listing of educational pursuits.

Recently I became interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI) using some Deep Learning (Machine Learning) online courses. Some are shown below:

Along the way I captured 12 Deep Learning Model web links for further exploration as time allows.

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Absorbing Information on Python Resources

August 31, 2018

Part of the Python Category

A place to bookmark links in no particular order about this topic.

Note: [**] indicates Python3 Script tested fine

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Absorbing Lessons on Mathematica

August 27, 2018

Part of the Education/Mathematica Category

I first saw Mathematica at the 1986 MacWorld in San Francisco when I was in the Apple Developer Program. I spoke to the creator of the application as he demoed some of the very cool features. It was aimed for higher education and that wasn’t related to my interests back then.

In the many years since I played with newer versions once in a while, but I still hadn’t found a reason then to get further involved in it. That changed about five years ago.

During 2013 I discovered Mathematica was included for free on Raspberry Pi computers, of which I own three. I installed it and have used it occasionally since.

Last night I took a free Hands-On Webinar and I enjoyed watching the advancements. I signed up the free 15-Day Trial and started working with that Desktop version today. I expect to become more familiar with it before that trial period ends and thereafter work with it on my Raspberry Pi computers.

It takes time and effort to keep skills as fresh as possible. My LinkedIn Home Page contains my long listing of educational pursuits.

As of this latest blog date, these are the posts or external articles I’ve referenced:

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Learning iOS 12 and Xcode 10 via Ray Wenderlich Tutorials

Part of the iOS Category.

Starting 2011 with iOS 5 and since, I learned many of the latest iOS development technologies from the Ray Wenderlich Team as one of my educational resources.

Each new release of Apple technologies brings new features and evolves the software development workflow. Ray’s team helps me keep up.

It takes time and effort to keep skills as fresh as possible. My LinkedIn Home Page contains my long listing of educational pursuits.

As of August 21, 2018 I began the following four courses using iOS 12 with Xcode 10 and Swift 4.

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Absorbing Information on Julia Programming Language

August 18, 2018

Part of the Julia Category

A place to bookmark links in no particular order about this topic.

Note: [**] indicates Julia Script and/or Jupyter Notebook tested fine.
Also you need to first logged-in to your JuliaBox account to view.

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Absorbing Information on Blockchain

Part of the Blockchain Category

August 1, 2018

I became interested in Blockchain Technology years ago, but only recently learned more about it. This is the first post for this WordPress Category of my progress in this subject. I prefer not to link to primarily cryptocurrencies as they offer specific cases that are better explain in so many places on the Internet.

The enumerated list below are the pages or videos resources I completed. They are not necessarily in the order I watched or read them. Consider the list as non-sequencial mile-markers along my journey including when I looped back as needed for a refresher. 🙂

Disclaimers: I do not promote or advocate for any philosophies by the authors of the content below. Comprehend at your own risk and consider your personal values as a guide.

  1. How does a blockchain work – Simply Explained – Completed February 12, 2018
  2. How does a blockchain work (A Deeper View) – Completed October 22, 2017
  3. Smart contracts – Simply Explained – Completed February 12, 2018
  4. A blockchain explanation your parents could understand – Completed June 7, 2017
  5. Uses of the Blockchain – Completed June 12, 2017
  6. Building for the Blockchain – Completed January 16, 2018
  7. 12 changes that could shake up the blockchain world in 2018 – Completed January 1, 2018
  8. Ethereum – Completed June 12, 2017
  9. Job of the Future: Tokenization Consultant – Completed January 1, 2018
  10. Solidity – Completed April 22, 2018
  11. How Does Blockchain Technology Work? – Completed August 1, 2018

Reference Topics:

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Apple WWDC 2018 Videos

As of June 19, 2018

Part of the iOS Category

As an Independent Apple iOS Developer, I continually learning new information on programming in that knowledge domain.

I watch some of the recent Apple Developer Conference videos from June 2018. The list below is current as of this post’s date. [ Note: To watch the item links you must be a Registered Apple Developer ]

  1. WWDC 2018 Keynote, Special Event 101 – June 5, 2018
  2. Platforms State of the Union, Special Event 102 – June 6, 2018
  3. What’s New in Swift, Session 401 – June 6, 2018
  4. Introducing Create ML, Session 703 – June 7, 2018
  5. What’s New in Cocoa Touch, Session 202 – June 7, 2018
  6. A Guide to Turi Create, Session 712 – June 7, 2018
  7. Object Tracking in Vision, Session 716 – June 9, 2018
  8. Vision with Core ML, Session 717 – June 9, 2018
  9. Introducing Network.framework: A modern alternative to Sockets, Session 715 – June 10, 2018
  10. Data You Can Trust, Session 222 – June 10, 2018
  11. What’s New in Core ML, Part 1, Session 708 – June 11, 2018
  12. What’s New in Core ML, Part 2, Session 709 – June 11, 2018
  13. Embracing Algorithms, Session 223 – June 11, 2018
  14. Getting the Most out of Playgrounds in Xcode, Session 402 – June 11, 2018
  15. iOS Memory Deep Dive, Session 416 – June 12, 2018
  16. What’s New in LLVM, Session 409 – June 12, 2018
  17. Image and Graphics Best Practices, Session 219 – June 15, 2018
  18. Advanced Debugging with Xcode and LLDB, Session 412 – June 15, 2018
  19. Core Data Best Practices, Session 224 – June 18, 2018
  20. Core Image- Performance, Prototyping, and Python, Session 719 – June 18, 2018
  21. Metal for Accelerating Machine Learning, Session 609 – June 19, 2018
  22. What’s New in ARKit 2, Session 602 – June 19, 2018
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Absorbing Lessons on Linear Algebra

June 27, 2018

Watching a series of YouTube sessions on Linear Algebra. An important part of understanding Deep Learning.

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The Visible Spirit

  • June 2, 2018

I was a member of Twin Oaks Toastmasters  in San Marcos, CA from April 2003 until April 1, 2008. I prepared many speeches that I mostly gave before an audience in those years. This was my first of 30+ speeches given in those five years. On other parts of my Time Out Of Mind website and Blog are other references to my Toastmasters experiences.

Here is one that I wrote in 2003 that I never delivered in public.

The Visible Spirit – Copyright © May 21, 2003, by Donald W. Larson

  • We are all a complex combination of DNA molecules propelled by a life force:
    • The life force is felt within us, but rarely observed
    • The Visible Spirit is the outward expression of that life force
  • The Visible Spirit is manifested by the convergence of:
    • Acknowledging those unique aspects of your life, your:
      • Personality
      • Intelligence
      • Sense of humor
      • Perseverance
    • Accepting the intrinsic behaviors we all share in common;
      • Morals
      • Empathy
      • Love
      • Self-doubt
    • The next progression towards the Visible Spirit is indicated by the diminishing reluctance to inspect our true selves:
      • Speak openly of our thoughts to trusted friends
      • Reveal periods of insecurity or other emotional pains
      • Offer compassion to those also in need
      • Think through each important issue completely several times regardless of how long it takes or how much it may hurt
    • The synthesis becomes self-apparent when you discover you are evolving in subtle ways:
      • Disturbing thoughts become less disruptive
      • You have more energy
      • Your vocabulary and style of speech becomes more positive
      • You find yourself relaxed in stressful situations
    • The Visible Spirit is fully embodied by a transformation over about a year’s time:
      • You speak with words of conviction in a methodical, logical, and convincing manner
      • Your self-confidence is extremely high
      • You recognize the equality amongst all people, but differentiate yourself by your own special abilities and forms of delivery
      • You know you can handle anything life brings your way because your eternal Spirit is now visible to you
      • People naturally gravitate towards you, sensing your inner-strengths and ethical commitments to others

Several people in this room have Visible Spirits. They are the reason these weekly sessions are so revitalizing to me. I’m fortunate to be in their presence.

One day I may actually give this speech, perhaps in one of my digital art presentations as a storyteller. Time will tell, as always…

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1998 Business Cycle Workflow

Intellectual © Property of Donald W. Larson

Concept Originated in November 1998

Further Development in October 1999


The concept of “Business Cycle Workflow” is an expansion of my workflow ideas over the nine years 1990-1999. The idea of making computers work harder and the human less is appealing to me. I think XML lends itself to making automation of information and thus providing knowledge resulting in new applications. Encapsulation of intelligence is one such goal.

This subject of this presentation is an idea I formed while working for IBM as a Project Manager. Although I conceived the idea about IBM, it applies to any organization that manages large-scale projects.


A large part of IBM’s business involves outsourcing. Outsourcing occurs when a company decides it can no longer handle part or all of its IT needs. Such a company then contracts with IBM for a period of time, where IBM will furnish the services desired. I worked in the Transition Standards & Consulting group. My job was to help develop the plans to implement away from the way the client company handled its services, to the way IBM would do them. I never worked on a project worth less than 100 million dollars. Most of those projects were between 500 million and 2 billion dollars. The largest was 10 billion dollars. We’re not speaking small change here. 🙂

There is a pattern that such projects undergo. Large profits can be made by standardization and clear delineation of what the contract calls for and how those services are delivered; the “scope” of the work to be done. When work outside the scope of work happens, it is termed “Scope Creep“. Scope Creep eats into profit and can cause other problems as well. IBM’s approach to management is to standardize the various work components with the goal of reducing contract expenses and improving profits and meeting deliverables.

Of course one of the problems with projects of this size is that standardization is hard to understand and communicate to everyone involved. Like most people, the tools they use should help them in their work effort. However, due to the way in which the project is divided into many mini-projects, inefficiencies are introduced.

One of the problems I noticed soon into my position was that there was no computerized process to handle the various aspects of the project. Sure, they used Lotus Notes, but mostly for email! The only way people knew what was happening was by staying in verbal touch with the other major participants. That is not a good solution.

My proposed solution is to develop a process where XML is utilized from end-to-end, throughout the “Business Cycle”. I think the Business Cycle starts at first contact, long before a contract is signed. Such contact may exist as letters, emails, or verbal communications. As a relationship develops, letters of agreement, letters of intent may be created between parties to help establish the formal, contractual relationship to come. A lot of time and energy is devoted to this process. Promises are made and understandings are arrived at with a vision of what should transpire going forward. Due Diligence is often performed during the time leading up to the contract. When a contract is signed the real work begins; teams are formed, resources are allocated, project plans are created, etc. I am only providing some of the highlights here.

I suggest a product be developed that can make xml-ilations of different types of input. For instance, memos should be saved in a form of XML along with its normal structure. The same applies to other forms of written agreements, especially the contract. The contract is the only enforceable article of agreement. It seems natural to me that capturing its essence in XML and related XML Schemas would help govern and track the balance of the various documents through the process.

In the project management area, the work breakdown structures, the project plans, and other administrative processes could be derived by parsing the contract XML using rules and other logic built using a database of xml-intelligent tools. I describe this today as “Business Cycle Workflow.” As the project moves through the life cycle after contract, management could track adherence to the contract from a variety of vantage points. As a result, the company would make more money and be in a better position to understand the dynamics driving the process.

I oversimplified the description of the solution. I’m not an expert in XML, partly because the entire manual cycle is very large and I cannot reproduce it here. What are important is the concept and the knowledge that not only IBM could use such a tool, but any company facing an endeavor of complex magnitude would find its benefits worth the purchase price.

I offer my initial perspective here so that others on the team can comment accordingly. There are probably market forces that could help support a development effort provided we could present a plan for the deliverable.


I need your advice and thoughts in verifying my concept of XML. I believe that XML and associated XML Schemas provide a powerful mapping capability allowing new inferences and discoveries about stored information. The ability to manipulate knowledge leads to powerful new ways to understand the dynamics of studied processes.

The trend is for most applications to support XML as a file format. Most large companies use the Microsoft Office Suite or Lotus SmartSuite to manage corporate information. One of my crucial aspects of my proposal rests with the ability to take the actual content in native form and present it in XML. How well does Word’s XML capabilities support this?

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