Learning iOS 11 and Xcode 9 via Ray Wenderlich Tutorials

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Starting 2011 with iOS 5 and since, I learned many of the latest iOS development technologies from the Ray Wenderlich Team as one of my educational resources.

Each new release of Apple technologies brings new features and evolves the software development workflow. Ray’s team helps me keep up.

It takes time and effort to keep skills as fresh as possible.

As of October 12, 2017 I began the following four courses using iOS 11 with Xcode 9 and Swift 4.

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Ray Wenderlich Screencasts Watched

As of September 20, 2017

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As an Independent Apple iOS Developer, I continually learning new information on programming in that knowledge domain. Below is a list of Ray Wenderlich Screencast Videos and some of his other Courses I’ve watched over time:

  1. Beginning Swift 3 – Completed all 13 videos
  2. Intermediate Swift 3 – Completed all 10 videos
  3. Beginning Metal – Completed all 15 videos as of December 4, 2016
  4. iOS Concurrency with GCD and Operations – Completed all 12 videos as of December 20, 2016
  5. Began Networking With NSURLSession – Completed 1 of 10 videos as of January 27, 2017 (Course later deleted at source)
  6. Beginning Collection Views – Completed all 10 videos as of February 5, 2017
  7. An Introduction to Functional Programming in Swift – Completed on April 5, 2017
  8. Networking with URLSession – Completed all 13 videos as of April 9, 2017
  9. Practical Instruments – Completed all 8 videos as of May 6, 2017
  10. How To Use Git Source Control with Xcode 8 Tutorial – Completed on May 7, 2017
  11. Advanced Swift 3 – Completed all 16 videos as of May 26, 2017
  12. Beginning Git – Completed all 13 videos as of August 6, 2017
  13. Mastering Git – Completed all 14 videos as of August 13, 2017
  14. Xcode Tips and Tricks Completed all 10 videos as of September 18, 2017
  15. Introduction to ARKit Getting Started Complete 1 of 1 video on September 20, 2017.
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Apple WWDC 2017 Videos Watched

As of June July 10, 2017

Part of the iOS Category

As an Independent Apple iOS Developer, I continually learning new information on programming in that knowledge domain.

I watch some of the recent Apple Developer Conference videos from June 2017. The list below is current as of this post’s date. [ Note: To see the list you must be a Registered Apple Developer ]

  1. Apple WWDC Keynote – 06/05/2017
  2. Platforms State of the Union Session 102 – 06/06/2017
  3. Introducing ARKit: Augmented Reality for iOS Session 602 – 06/7/2017
  4. Introducing Core ML Session 703 – 06/10/2017
  5. Core ML in Depth Session 710 – 06/10/2017
  6. Vision Framework: Building on Core ML, Session 506 – 06/11/2017
  7. Natural Language Processing and your Apps Session 208 – 06/11/2017
  8. Advances in Core Image: Filters, Metal, Vision, and More Session 510 – 06/13/2017
  9. What’s New in Swift Session 402 – 06/14/2017
  10. Introducing Metal 2 Session 601 – 06/16/207
  11. What’s New in Apple File System Session 715 – 06/19/2017
  12. What’s New in Core Data Session 210 – 06/20/2017
  13. What’s New in Cocoa Touch Session 201 – 06/21/2017
  14. Using Metal 2 for Compute Session 608 – 06/24/2017
  15. VR with Metal 2 Session 603 – 06/25/2017
  16. Accelerate and Sparse Solvers Session 711 – 06/26/2017
  17. Modernizing Grand Central Dispatch Usage Session 706 – 06/27/2017
  18. What’s New in Foundation Session 212 – 06/29/2017
  19. Efficient Interactions with Frameworks Session 244 – 06/30/2017
  20. What’s New in LLVM Session 411 – 07/05/2017
  21. Understanding Undefined Behavior Session 407 – 07/06/2017
  22. GitHub and the New Source Control Workflows in Xcode 9 Session 405 – 07/07/2017
  23. Finding Bugs Using Xcode Runtime Tools Session 406 – 07/08/2017
  24. What’s New in Signing for Xcode and Xcode Server Session 403 –  07/09/2017
  25. What’s New in Swift Playgrounds Session 408 – 07/10/2017
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Don’s Online Laid-back Resume

Besides Linkedin, I decide to post a more laid-back version of my resume.

I currently serve as a volunteer at CyberTECH Nest  as a Senior Advisor to the companies in the Entrepreneur in Resident (EIR) Program.  I am one of the three members of the Nestketeers, a group Subject Matter Expert for entrepreneurs local to Nest and remote around the world.

My professional credentials cover almost 37 years as a technology analyst, and business owner, and previous partner in two successful S-Corp., software partnerships.

I currently serve as a CyberTECH  Advisor to the Board. I served in two previous Corporate Board of Directors, four Civic Boards of Directors.

Specialties: Former PMI Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), and passed two Six Sigma Total Quality certifications, training, software development, public speaking, presentation skills, leadership and mentoring.

I started out with my home computer and soon discovered I had the ability to learn new programming and related technologies right at the time businesses and schools in the early 1980’s were starting to integrate small computers into their various departments. I taught a variety of adult education classes at a small Chicago suburban college and leveraged those connections to begin a sole proprietor business as a software developer and consultant. I helped teach by classroom and on-the-job training employees to improve their skills and move up the chain in their professional careers.

By the middle 1980’s I was employed in more influential positions in mid-size downtown Chicago corporations to implement multi-user relational database designs to solve complex business issues. Before the end of that decade I was a highly paid Chicago area consultant and programmer for distinguished national legal and financials firms. In one case, my work on a litigation matter, resulted in my database design being used by the United States Attorney General in a FDA Court case successfully adjudicated for that Federal Agency.

Around 1990 I was working for an global management consulting firm and by the end of my career there in 1995, I worked on top VP-level assignments and the firm’s Board of Directors Quality Program effort pursuit of the Presidential Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. That effort took me to other American and European offices of the firm providing me international business experience with other cultures.

Upon moving to San Diego County in early 1996, I continued working in my first S-Corp Software Company as CFO and Secretary. I became involved with civic organizations as the years rolled by into the mid-2000’s. In 2007 I became President and Partner of another S-Corp Software Company and worked there until the end of November 2015.

I became involved in CyberTECH in July 2013 and have contributed as an Advisor to the Board, served as IOT Meetup Co-Chair for one year, and occasionally submit blog posts for CyberTECH syndication.

I am married for 44 years to my wife, Sherry. I am a father to one daughter, herself married for 17 years. I have two grandchildren ages 10 and 8.

My hobbies include: reading, research, programming, travel, talking about my digital art, and giving presentations on topics where I hold an interest.

I am still available for part-time work and as a consultant in mutually beneficial endeavors.

Related Links of Interest:

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Learning about Board of Director Duties

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Recently I received a special invitation via my CyberTECH activities to attend  a series of meetings at prestiges Cooley in San Diego, CA for the purpose of learning about Board of Director duties in general.

I thanked the senior executives of Cooley for offering this series to entrepreneurs.

The first meeting was held on November 15, 2016 as shown on the formal agenda below.


I enjoyed the meeting along with about 20 people who interacted with questions and business experience comments posed by the excellently seasoned presenters.

All participants were provided with a booklet containing all the materials used in the accompanying slide stack as shown below.


Many of the CyberTECH EIR Program companies I advise were present and our collective experience of the audience validated the content delivered by Cooley personnel and special guests.

I look forward to the scheduled meetings over the next year.

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2016 “Arrival” Film Comments

Yesterday I saw the new movie, Arrival and enjoyed it very much.


Without giving too much away to those who want to see this film, I have these thoughts to share:

The resemblance of the alien craft strongly reminded me of four of my digital art images that I created many years ago. The associated narratives on each art page was part of the messages I felt in the new movie.

If you see the movie, perhaps then come back and look at my four art images linked below to consider:

Feelings Twice Removed




Imprisoned Soul




Rings Of Terrana 3




Suspended Feelings





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Recap: San Diego CyberTECH Good Neighbor Pitch Night

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On the evening of November 10, 2016, I attended the San Diego CyberTECH Good Neighbor Pitch Night event. I estimate about 200 people attended throughout the night to eat, drink, network, and watch that night’s ten participating Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) companies give Pitches to qualified judges to assess individual presentations for content.


I am one of the EIR Advisors that assist these companies as they progress within the program.

Companies wishing to apply to the EIR Program may learn more about it on this page.

Below are some of the pictures I took of the event:

img_2570 img_2571 img_2572 img_2573 img_2574 img_2575 img_2576 img_2577 img_2578 img_2579 img_2580 img_2582


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Learning the Swift 3 Programming Language

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Completed reading entire book on December 4, 2016 (at end of post)

As an Independent Apple iOS Developer, I continually learning new information on programming in that knowledge domain.

I already have prior experience with Swift and the latest version 3 of that programming language requires new understanding.

“Swift 3 is a thorough refinement of the language and the API conventions for the frameworks you use every day. These improvements make the code you write even more natural, while ensuring your code is much more consistent moving forward. For example, select Foundation types such as the new Date type are easier to use and are much faster than previous releases, and the Calendar type uses enums to feel more at home within Swift.”

By way of a brief refresher I subscribed to Ray’s Intermediate Swift 3 Screencasts to introduce me to some new syntax and features.

But for a more complete update to the language, I’m enjoying the new Swift Apprentice book by Ray Wenderlich.

“This is a book for complete beginners to Apple’s brand new programming language — Swift 3.

Everything can be done in a playground, so you can stay focused on the core Swift 3 language concepts like classes, protocols, and generics.”

I’ve read all chapters as of December 4, 2016:

  • Chapter 1: Coding Essentials and Playground Basics
  • Chapter 2: Expressions, Variables and Constants
  • Chapter 3: Types and Operations
  • Chapter 4: Basic Control Flow
  • Chapter 5: Advanced Control Flow
  • Chapter 6: Functions
  • Chapter 7: Optionals
  • Chapter 8: Arrays
  • Chapter 9: Dictionaries
  • Chapter 10: Collection Iteration with Closures
  • Chapter 11: Structures
  • Chapter 12: Properties
  • Chapter 13: Methods
  • Chapter 14: Classes
  • Chapter 15: Advanced Classes
  • Chapter 16: Enumerations
  • Chapter 17: Protocols
  • Chapter 18: Generics
  • Chapter 19: Access Control and Code Organization
  • Chapter 20: Custom Operators and Subscripts
  • Chapter 21: Pattern Matching
  • Chapter 22: Error Handling
  • Chapter 23: Asynchronous Closures and Memory Management
  • Chapter 24: Value Types and Value Semantics
  • Chapter 25: Protocol-oriented Programming
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San Diego CyberTECH September 2016 EIR Orientation Report

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Immediately after my first CyberTECH Meetup this morning, I attended and spoke at the first Entrepreneur in Residence Orientation (also at the iBoss Cybersecurity San Diego location) where new groups and advisors introduced ourselves and exchanged our varied views of successes and failures as entrepreneurs.

This new concept is primarily to help qualified startups. Below is a partial description of the ambitious program:

“California’s tech-inspired startups drive many of today’s hottest and most innovative products and services, helping to further position the state as theglobal center for excellence in Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Emerging Technologies such as drones, blockchain, robotics, and 3D printing.

In that spirit, CyberTECH is proud to announce the CyberTECH Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) — a six-month, low-rent program designed to build strategic relationships between early-stage companies and CyberTECH’s growing ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.

This innovative program leveraging CyberTECH’s “Social Community Incubator Model” is designed as a major element of CyberTECH’s Smart & Safe Cities initiative, in partnership with CyberCalifornia.”

I was invited by Darin Andersen, CEO of CyberTECH, to assist as an Advisor in this program. I intend to offer my skills honed from my 36-year computer technology career as an independent sole proprietor, and executive officer in my two prior S-Corp software development partnerships (EveryDay Objects, Inc. [ 1993 to 1997 ]; and Newbound, Inc. [ 2007-2015 ]).

I’ll have opportunities to use and teach my Toastmaster speaking and leadership skills, my project management skills, along with my creative presentation skills.

I look forward to developing new friendships and business contacts as I learn from the other Advisors and startup teams along the way.

Please consider attending CyberTECH’s future Meetups and to join the CyberTECH community as paid members.. I’ll look for you there. 🙂

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San Diego CyberTECH September 2016 Security Table Breakfast – Securing Drone and Unmanned Vehicle Spaces Report

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This morning I attended the Security Table Breakfast – Securing Drone and Unmanned Vehicle Spaces Meetup where about 40 or so people attended. Good food and drinks were provided to all. This event was held at the iBoss Cybersecurity San Diego location.


A Panel Discussion ensued and a wide variety of aspects of drones and their effect of society were covered by these panelists.


  • Moderator: Kathleen Glass, President San Diego AA-ISP
  • Co-Chair Egbert Oostburg, CEO, Drone Aviator
  • Nick Phillips, CEO, MiPOV Technologies
  • John Marselus, DMin, Director of Aviation SDCC Aviation
  • Chris Park, CIO iboss
  • Daniel Magy, Founder & CEO, Citadel Defense Company

The audience interacted with the panel in voicing their questions and comments.

Below are some of my notable takeaways from this presentation:

  • In 2016 there have been been more drone pilot registrations than any other type of aircraft
  • Network hacking is taking place by drones landing on roofs to crack into unsuspecting networks, or to use cameras to spy into buildings from extended range
  • Drones are selling at the rate of 200,000 a month in the U.S. and 500,000 worldwide
  • UCSD has a huge drone lab
  • Kali Linux may be run on a Raspberry Pi for  digital forensics and penetration testing. Mounted on a  drone, Sticky Fingers Kali is one of the ambitious ways to hack networks
  • Every prison in the world is being penetrated by drones 5-10 times a day. Dropping 5 or so phones at a time, later a wireless server outside the prison is established allowing the phones to communicate

I couldn’t cover everything mentioned. It is one of the reasons to attend CyberTECH events and to join the CyberTECH community as paid members.

Please consider attending CyberTECH’s future Meetups. I’ll look for you there. 🙂

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