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Part of the Short Stories Series.

The Actress -- 03/20/09

Each day the actress practices her poses, her lines, her subtle movements. In her heart this beautiful woman yearns for the opportunity to perform on stage. All her energies are directed towards that dream, that goal, the true realization of self.

In her heart she is a loving woman, always expressing her love in soft tones and affectionate gestures. Her femininity is immediately recognizable to anyone who looks in her direction.

To the actors that have the opportunity to peer deeply into her eyes, to hold her in their arms, to kiss her tender lips, it is to witness the suspension of time itself. This is the power she brings to her characters that will one day make her a star.

In her private life she is so much more. Only a few men will ever know her beyond the roles she played. Perhaps one man will win her heart as she possess his; only fate and destiny can provide that outcome.

Until that day, her talent yields to her actress calling. She waits for her star to shine in acknowledgement of all she's work for over the years. She knows that day will come.


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