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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Nocturnal Inquisitor -- 04/07/08

The dark of night was the time she was most comfortable. Now, with almost everyone else asleep, she could do some quick research on the lingering thoughts that permeate her inner being.

She already gathered plenty of information on her subject over the years. She's trying to answer a question, a need, determine an approach for solving the dilemma she finds herself a part of to this very day. Whether at home or way, she is diligent in the quest although the end goal remains elusive.

She missed an earlier opportunity to resolve the issue because she denied her history and didn't want those around her to know that history was true. It is a difficult task nowadays because she didn't control the information flow and her history was exposed forthwith.

The Internet contained almost all the information she needed for resolution. But the Internet couldn't provide her with a way to free herself without risking a loss of face. She would need to take bold steps and accept who she was, who she is now, and who she wants to be going forward.

For all her knowledge and experiences, she hesitates to act and she, the nocturnal inquisitor, continues to search externally for rectification. One day she may realize the answer lies within; on her own internal path, close to her heart, mind, and soul.


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