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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Mother Is Gone -- 11/21/08

The woman who bore them, raised them, who knew them best, is gone. She died, too soon; too soon because they still need her.

Did they each tell her they loved her enough times? Did they each do their best for her as she had always done for each of them? Did she forgive them when they let her down--so many times?

They remember her smile, her laughter, the way she wore her hair. Her dresses and and shoes, the many collections from the countless shopping sprees, those were only part of her essence. She was so much more to each of them.

She loved the holidays and the birthdays of her family. She celebrated the lives of all she knew in special ways. Her personal touch can still be recalled. If only they could touch her now.

They each need her more each day since she passed away. Is it fair that need can never be fulfilled?

Rest in Peace, Mother. You did what you could in the time you had. They know now they should have used that time together more wisely.


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