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Time Out Of Mind Quartz Composer iTunes Music Visualizer Files -- 04/28/08

The file links below are Quartz Composer iTunes Music Visualizer examples for you to use under MacOS 10.5.2 or later with iTunes 7.6.1 or later as iTunes Music Visualizers.

To use, download the appropriate linked file, uncompress using UnStuffIt or UnZip, then follow the, "ReadMe" instructions inside the resultant folder.

Note: I also have a Time Out Of Mind Quartz Composer Files page.

Note: Looking for artwork for your iTunes?

Kover Kubes version 1.0 -- 04/28/08.

Kover Phlose version 3.0 -- Updated 04/07/08. Changes: Implement trackball or mouse movements with mouse-down to move animated covers around when present.

The Deer Woman Moon Encounter Music Video Snippet on my QuickTime Videos page demonstrates this visualizer in action.

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