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September 28, 2004 [ More archived home pages here ]

Poets, Music, and Images

This web site contains many kinds of information. Some of it is technical, some of it is life experience narratives, some of it is photography, and the remainder of it is my digital art.

This section of the Internet is a proving grounds in some respect. This is a place I put out certain pages and stand back waiting to see the responses and results. Each type of feedback received whether I obtain them in-person, via email, via other website referrals, or the site statistics creates a mosaic of how little or how well I conveyed my intentions.

What you find here is often inspired by music, on rare occasions, poetry. The largest amount of content springs forth from within my being, in reaction to stimulus in real-time or from memory.

No matter where I go either in the real world or virtually, I can always refer someone to my web site and more than likely I'll hear from them, even if it's just that once in their life and perhaps never again.

On the other hand, I've formed some very strong bonds with people independent from my contributions here. I prefer to stand on my own anyway. Time Out Of Mind, is a part of me for sure. However, I am much more than what is here or will ever be here.

I have plans to expand the content on this site. It is in small proportion to the changes I hope to manifest in my years to come as a storyteller and author of music and books. My goal in those subjects is not to become famous, just prolific. I imagine myself traveling to many cities and towns conveying in-person more details than what is found on Time Out Of Mind's pages.

Those future visits will be funded by my sales and by having sponsors pay my way. Steps I take from this point forward, are in pursuit of the professional path I envision.

The pleasure will be in the people I meet face-to-face. Perhaps I will meet someone who knows another that has been referred or alluded to here. Completing life's circles and starting news ones is always in the forefront of my efforts. If you haven't already met me, you may get a chance to do so someday. I look forward to that time and place.

This a new beginning. There is so much more to learn, so many more questions to answer, so much more to express.


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