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Home Sweet Home

I sit here this morning in relative safety typing out a new message that is read by people from all parts of the world. Here are my thoughts:

I was awakened three years ago today by a phone call from my wife telling me to turn on the TV. Still groggy, I did as she asked and the first image on the screen was the one below.

I knew immediately we were at war. I knew we would be at war for a long time. In that moment I changed--forever.

It will be decades before the War on Terrorism ends. We are only in the preliminaries now. Larger battles loom going forward. Even the Russians now see that it is a world war.

Today I read this article and discovered that no matter what the news media portrays, Americans will continue to answer the call to defend our nation against our enemies. Each anniversary of the start of the War on Terror has images and stories of the memories.

Mother Nature is also a menace on this third anniversary of tragedy. I have a close friend in Florida who has been hit twice by hurricanes this summer and is awaiting news on the path of Hurricane Ivan. We have no way to fight back against Mother Nature, so we are always humbled by her power.

John Ritter was someone who made us laugh and helped us remind us of the lighter side of humanity. He left us one year ago. It's too bad, I needed a good laugh today.


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