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September 29, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Main Street Revolution!

The above image is, Unknown Certainties

Today's song is (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, released in 1965.

The proposed Wall Street Bailout has yet to be formally voted on at the time I publish this page. I couldn't be happier that Main Street Turned Against Wall Street on this very important matter facing all Americans.

Greedy executives of failed Wall Street institutions hopefully become extinct entities, figuratively speaking. America has no need or place for inept greedy management and this Main Street response is a strong message to that effect.

I read through the entire proposed bill not long after it was announced on Sunday afternoon. As written it is agreeable to me because as one of its main measures it prevents Wall Street Executives of bailed-out firms from being excessively compensated.

The American economy is still in for a struggle. There is a real credit crunch looming over our nation. It's probably an apparent understatement to say this crisis will reshape our economy from this point forward.

The mood of a majority of Americans is an angry one. I have no way to predict what the upcoming election results will be, but if I had to make a call right at this moment, it would be a Democratic landslide victory.

What I really expect is that Americans, at least for a while will remain vigilant and continue to stay involved and vocal with their elected representatives on many issues. That is the only way we can get our nation back on track. No matter who wins the Presidency, that President will need our views and support as he tries to carry out policies.

I'm not pessimistic on America's future because I found out in this crisis, that we Americans are on top of a crisis just as we have been in past crises. I heard on the news that during the last week, Americans voiced to their elected officials, their objections to the original bailout 300 to 1! I was one of those millions of Americans that wrote my Congressman my objections. I am proud that I was in so much good company.

I remain a proud American!


What will $700 billion buy? I can think of other ways to spend that amount of money on American social matters and wonder why it never was?


I have great admiration for the late Paul Newman. One of my favorite movies, Cool Hand Luke from 1967 didn't fail to communicate with me. Paul Newman will be missed in so many ways.


My LinkedIn Network is now at 70 connections. All those people I have personally worked with over the years, know by professional association, or are close to me in some other form.


Time has an article about 50 places to see in America. I've been to these: [1; 2; 3]


Bob Springer sent me the link to how different a week's worth of food is in various countries. The only thing missing is how many five star restaurant meals the failed executives from Wall Street were eating each week for so many years while struggling Americans suffered hard times.


Found on the web links for September 28, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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