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September 29, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Children Of The Sun

Todays' song is My Girl by The Temptations, released in 1965.

I suppose in some ways, we are all, children of the Sun. We have the capacity to let our inner light shine on all who are around us. We can feel free in that light and secure the answers to questions as we walk the path of life.

Sometimes the answers we seek are determined through study and research. Often to reach the truth you must ask and be ready to explain your request to another. If there is reluctance or hesitancy on your part to contribute as much information as you expect in return, then you are not yet ready for the truth. A true child of the Sun will know what to do and when to do it with a compassionate and open mind.

This month Sherry and I celebrate our daughter's 30th birthday. She is certainly a child of the Sun. She brought a lot of light into my life, right from the start. Now as a mother herself, she will help raise her daughter through love and understanding to be the same.

Earlier this month was the birthday of Janie Grant. She is nearing retirement age now, but the light from within her continues to shine brightly. She too is a mother and grandmother enjoying the fruits of her life's path. There are many more birthdays for you, Janie. :-)

Recently at my Twin Oaks Toastmasters club meeting, I had a chance to see and hear members and many visitors alike participate in the experience of speaking and leading. Our club President, Jackie, displayed excellent leadership by handling the various business items that required member voting as well as serving as the meeting's Toastmaster with one day's notice! Jackie sets a fine example for our club and by her efforts, she influences us in a positive way.

One of my younger friends is attending his third year of college in Ireland this year. Ross is attending at University College Cork until June 2007. Ross will be studying and during breaks, meeting some other friends of his across parts of Europe. I know the Irish people consider themselves children of the Sun and will treat Ross accordingly.


I came across this interesting software package, TiffanyScreens, that works cross-platform. It allows a computer to share the video screen to other users in a simple and effective method. This can be achieved via a wireless or wired connection. For those who need to give presentations to small groups without a projector, this application might just be what you need.


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