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September 26, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Viva La Difference!

The above image, The Last Iceberg is also available as a High-Resolution Desktop

Today's song is Dancing In The Street by Martha and the Vandellas, released in 1964.

I received several kind comments regarding my CAPM achievement. Thank you to all!

I really like the new President of France. He tells it like it is standing with the United States on many important matters. For instance:

"Iran has the right to nuclear energy," Sarkozy told world leaders at the General Assembly's 62nd session here. "But allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons would mean an unacceptable risk for regional and world stability."

Sarkozy added there would be no world peace if the international community "shows weakness in the face of the proliferation of nuclear weapons," in a speech received with loud applause from the rest of the assembly.

The prior French governments for nearly 50 years always were against the United States and a big supporter of appeasement (weakness). Sarkozy is just what France needs and I am happy he was elected by the French. He is not an appeaser.

The French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner is another guy I like. He tells it like it is too.

One day I may go to France to say thank you for electing leaders that understand the world better than the old French government did. I wanted to go there for a long time, to visit the places Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted during his life. But even with the admiration I have for Vincent, I couldn't spend money in France under the old administrations. Now, the tide has turned in America's favor and maybe I'll get a chance to go there.


I'm happy to see my state is working to negatively impact Iran.


How to watch and record TV using your Mac.


My friend, Nancy, sent me a link about positive thoughts.


Starbucks is giving away free iTunes.


A new study to determine the cause(s) of the software gender gap.


A European think tank has some ideas about PC's and Windows.


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