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September 25, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Written In The Stars

Today's song is Been to Canaan by Carole King. It's Autumn, the time of year I start mentally preparing for Winter. Even here in San Diego, I resent Winter with its short days, denying me the light of the Sun for too many hours. I don't know how my ancestors from Scandinavia decided to stay in the north millennia ago. Somebody who was born in a warm climate must have joined the family line in the last couple hundred years, from my point of view.

This September 30th, is the 50th anniversary of James Dean's death. He was a young man, yet he rose to the stars in his time. He remains a symbol of those that rebel, who lead by example of his convictions, who kept his heart strong with love for the women in his life.

I also remember my very close friend, Janie Grant who celebrates a birthday this week. I created the song, Love For Janie Grant for her. It represents what so many of her older male fans still feel for her. I was fortunate to come to know Janie almost five years ago. We have never met in-person, but that doesn't matter. She's a wonderful mature woman unafraid to reach out and communicate with some of us. Surely she's been to Canaan in her life. We both walked and talked along that path in the years since.

With all the weather disaster news of the last month, it seems to me that every, town, city, county, and state should have well-designed plans for their citizens in case disaster strikes. In my county, the officials feel everything is under control. At least they act complacent about it, in my opinion. Maybe a "James Dean"-type will emerge to get them into action and out of their comfort zone. It is my thinking that each person needs to be their own best planner, their own best "first responder", their own best judge on how to deal with potential emergencies. Such planning isn't just passive only, keep that in mind. The road to Canaan isn't always clearly marked out and could become congested.

Another recent article I read has it's origins in the stars about fifteen years or so ago. The Death of Software. I began to see the light of corporate software development in the early 1990's. It pays to be paying attention and not just blindly believing that what was, always will be. After the corporate downsizing and mergers starting in the early 1980's, the wake-up call should have been heeded by all. Unless your name contains the phrase, "bottom-line", you are always at risk. Don't spend time pointing fingers, instead go look in the closest mirror and you'll see who is responsible. I think James Dean figured out personal responsibility early, long before the rest of us.


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