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September 24, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

I Passed My CAPM Exam

The above image, Electrified is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is King Of Nothing by Seals and Crofts, released in 1974.

Update: On September 20, 2012 I wrote the epilogue to my CAPM Certification.

Last Friday, I passed on my first attempt, PMI's CAPM Exam, earning my Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM), Certificate Number 487388. It is the culmination of taking two Project Management classes: [1; 2] in early 2006 and studying two books for the last two months solid: [1; 2]. The 3-hour test consists of 150 questions covering the twelve chapters of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

With my CAPM Credential on my resume, a few more doors of opportunity will open for me. I will continue to study more books on project management to increase my theoretical knowledge as I apply the lessons learned through various opportunities.


Another 1/2 Million page views accumulated here since April 16th. If this rate keeps up, the 3 million page view mark will be reached by the sixth anniversary of this site next April.


The two-faced policies of Columbia University are certainly evident in who it allows to speak and who it doesn't. I'm not too surprised a Leftist educational institution isn't for Free Speech for those who offer opposing views to its own. That's fairly typical in my life experiences. Below are two quotes from the article to make my point:

"The Iranian president will address students and faculty at a forum only days after Columbia retracted a speaking invitation to the president of the Minuteman Project, a controversial citizens' group that seeks to secure America's borders from illegal immigrants, even going so far as to try building a fence along the border with Mexico."

"If Hitler were in the United States and wanted a platform from which to speak, he would have plenty of platforms to speak in the United States," Coatsworth said. "If he were willing to engage in a debate and a discussion, to be challenged by Columbia students and faculty, we would certainly run it."


The truth is emerging about that controversial Moo-Phon.ORG ad run last week in the New York Times. Now The New York Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt, explains the lax process at that organization.

The American Conservative Union (ACU) filed a lawsuit with the Federal Elections Commission for that entire fiasco of the ad. I hope the plaintiffs win big-time if that suit goes forward.


I enjoyed reading this article linking storytelling and sales. I quote a section of that article next:

"There are two things everyone in business does on a daily basis. We sell things--our products, our skills, our vision and ideas--and we all tell stories. We sell things because that is how we, as capitalists, organize our creative energy, and we tell stories because, as human beings, that is how we organize our thinking. It is natural that the business world would seek to combine these two activities to maximize profits."


For those that suffer from Motorcycle Fever, Honda has a new design for you.


NASA has a new type of spacecraft to launch.


My friend, Bob, sent me a link with pictures of the recent Burning Man event.


Maybe some alternative biofuels aren't so helpful after all.


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