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September 22, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

American Bailouts

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Today's song is The Beat Goes On by Sonny & Cher, released in 1967.

At this point in the current bailout sweeps, I'm against the President's Plan in favor of this approach instead. I just can't see why taxpayers should pay good money for bad investments that banks can't even properly assess value as to their real worth.

I would like to know, what penalty the heads of Wall Street firms are receiving for any bailout? Are they losing their jobs? Forfeiting their bonuses? Being barred from working again in the financial industry? Those conditions should be part of any bailout, in my humble opinion.

This is a time for all Americans to shake off the economic fears and buckle down to bring our nation back on course. If we leave our future success to politicians, we are taking the wrong approach.

The upcoming election is a side-show compared to what we Americans need to do. With the proposed federal bailout, there won't be much money left over for the next President to promise anyone. I believe their campaign promises relating to the economy from either political party will not come to fruition now. This further supports my previous comments about the real election that matters is the 2012 election, not the 2008 election. The phrase, "four more years" takes on a new meaning, doesn't it?

I wonder if using gold dust for transactions will be making a comeback soon?

And so it goes...


On Friday night I did Docent duty at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park during their dinner and film night event. I interpreted the story of Leo Carrillo to about 50 of the 120+ attendees that night as they passed through the hacienda area. Here is a panoramic view of attendees standing in the food line for dinner. Below is a of picture of the outside screen.


Kevin Weed, son of my friend and mentor, Gene Weed, is mentioned in the Verde Independent newspaper. Kevin is representing the United States at the International Duathlon Races.


I found an article about converting video to any device.


I added an iPhone Portrait image, Sacred Canyon Sentry.


My Google Webmaster Tools tell me that over 1,165 external pages link to this site. Also many search engines index this site every week, some every day.


Found on the web links for September 21, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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