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September 17, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Project Management Associations

The above image, Twin Black Holes is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is The "In" Crowd by Dobie Gray, released in 1965.

Last Friday, I attended the PMI-SD Conference for the full-day. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear three key presentations from very successful project managers. The lunch Keynote speaker was the project manager that successfully closed the Rocky Flats Plant, the former nuclear weapons-grade production facility.

Other sessions throughout the day gave attendees the opportunity to hear effective lessons about various areas of project management. I met many more people from that well-attended event in an informative environment at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Belonging to the San Diego Component of PMI provides every member the opportunity to network and increase the knowledge of that field of study. The organization has over 1,100 members on its membership role.

I learned a lot on Friday from the knowledgeable and friendly attendees. Many of them possess advance degrees and many relevant certifications in the realm of project management. I intend to be an active member next year. In the near future I plan on discussing here what some of my plans are in that regard.


New short story, Her Smile.


I met Thomas Cutting at the above mentioned event. He handed me his business card and asked me to look at his blog.


European consumers win against Microsoft.

I really wonder if Microsoft will ever change its ill-fated management style of bullying and undermining the software industry with its monopolistic policies. I hope it's court-cases like this that keep busting them down to size.

They really should have been broken-up for being a monopoly years ago. Maybe then their separate companies would have realized they need to play fair to compete? Maybe they would have even learned to innovate instead of copy? Yeah, I know, that's a stretch.


Google Earth will get better images from this new satellite.


I am surprised that a nuclear reactor was installed in what was then South Vietnam back in 1962 or 1963! I would never have imagined that such a stupid thing was even considered by U.S. Government leaders back then.

Then again that stupidity ranks second for having America fight the War In Vietnam, a war we had no business being involved in for any reason.


Be the first on your block to sail through the Northwest Passage. When the natural cooling cycle of the Earth returns at some future date, that passage will close again.


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