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September 15, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

iTunes of My Eye

Today's song is Some Velvet Morning by Nancy Sinatra, released in 1967.

Apple Computer continues to dominate the legal download music industry. Their latest product is iTunes 7 which provides consumers with new entertainment options. I like the album art display, Cover Flow which I captured in my main image above. It reminds me of the old jukeboxes of day's gone by for some reason.

The song I chose for today is about a man's story of finding a woman, Phaedra, who had a profound impact on his life. He want's to tell the story in due time. For the moment all he can do is reminisce. I imagine the man could be talking about a number of women in his life that he combines into one persona. Or maybe the lyrics are really just about one woman in particular.

Such is the freedom of an author when they create anything for others to comprehend. The idea of Phaedra is an alluring one. Could there be one woman in a man's life that could alter his way of thinking? I'm pretty sure there can be.

But what did Phaedra think about the encounter? Does she even remember the man? What if she remembers only bits and pieces? What if she remembers it all?

All we know for sure in this case is that the man will someday tell his story. What Phaedra thinks, may not be that important. After-all, we never heard from her again...


Google Earth is a very cool technology allowing people to visually explore other places around the world from their computer. There are some new capabilities in conjunction with Google Earth.


Almost two years ago, I met Jim Desmond when he was running for the San Marcos California City Council. I immediately liked him. Now Jim's running for the Mayor of San Marcos and I hope he is elected.


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