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September 10, 2007

G'Day Mates!

The above image, Tangents is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Down Under by Men At Work, released in 1981.

From Australia, Damian wrote to me asking for advice for some Toastmasters down there to obtain support for their corporate clubs. I sent him the following:

There are several reasons why a corporation should support and sponsor Toastmaster clubs:
  1. Improvement of communication, clarity of cognitive processes, and general leadership skills:
    • All members will learn to communicate more effectively that helps promote the exchange of ideas and carrying out of the corporate mission.
    • A person learning to improve their speaking abilities will also learn to make better usage of their cognitive abilities. They think better because they are paying more attention to how they structure their communications.
    • As members learn to run the meetings effectively, this translates into better delegation techniques and follow-through opportunities.
  2. A club allows members to perform as a team. The social networks of voluntarily working together as a team can help the corporation by extension. That is, as a team learns to work together better, they can perform their job duties as part of the matrixed organization better.
  3. It's fun to belong to Toastmasters. Having fun is acknowledged to be motivational for employees. Stress is reduced when fun is part of the corporate policy.

I would suggest that a demonstration meeting illustrate the advantages of teaching the members how to:

  • create an agenda
  • properly assign roles and encourage responsibility to carry out those roles
  • manage the activities on the agenda in a punctual manner, demonstrating effective time use on tasks

In that way, it might be helpful to show that the Toastmasters club helps prepare employees for better performance in the workplace by continually improving on those skills.

In our non-corporate Twin Oaks Toastmasters club, we have had several members receive promotions in their workplace because of the leadership and speaking skills develop through the Toastmasters processes.

Our club is almost nine years old and has achieved the Presidents Distinguished Club award the last four years in a row. We are constantly evolving our club because of the new members we bring in every year. We believe in the Toastmaster process and we believe and support each other.

I hope that what I have described is useful to you in your search for persuasive ideas you can implement to convince management to sponsor the Toastmaster activities you seek.


My friend, Debra, is fighting cancer and working as a volunteer to raise money. She is participating in the 2007 LIVESTRONG Challenge fund-raising drive. If you can, please donate to that cause. Thank you.

Debra also maintains a blog where she talks about her interests including training for the upcoming fund-raising event.


A good, kind-hearted friend sent me a note about her interpretation of my newest short story. My policy is to never confirm nor deny the identity of anyone inferred on this site that isn't explicitly stated therein. Having said that, I share her thoughts with you here:


To me you are the man who has lived..and lived life fully. You can go many places that I can only dream about.

You have lived well and you are blessed. Your wife, daughter, and grandbaby love you. And you are a man loved by many and loved by God and the Lord. You care about the Native Americans and value the good and kind in life.

To me that defines success, the love of God and wonderful universal principles, the love of family, friends, and the like. You know what is important when so many don't. Hang on to that Don, and you are the man who has lived and is continually living and growing.

I publish because I have loyal readers. The author of that message above is just one of the many people I have come to know after having met online.

When people open their hearts to one another the world becomes a better place. I know that first-hand several times over.


I regularly monitor the activity on my web sites. One of the services I use is Google Analytics. Below are two maps for Time Out Of Mind activity, the US for one day and the other for Australia for one month of activity.


In The Shadow Of The Moon is about America going to the Moon. I've met three astronauts that went to the Moon: Gene Cernan; Jim Lovell; and, Alan Bean. Three of the most impressive men I met in my life.


Ronnie Allen's radio show web site now has a link for his recent Jimmie Rodgers interview. One listener, Clay Cole, wrote up his thoughts.


I found an Apple article about using 3D involving Architecture and Animation.


I am happy to hear of this progress in my state.


Osama bin Laden says we Americans should become Muslims. Why doesn't he have a lobotomy and become peaceful? Then he could make a tape and send it out to all his followers to do the same.


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