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September 10, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Protecting The Heart

Today's song is King Of Sorrow by Sade, released in 2001.

One of my soul mates wrote me about how she protects her heart from a relative that has caused her a great sense of pain. I can't share what she wrote other than to say she has arrived at the point in life where she won't take the abuse of her feelings any longer. I know she is doing the right thing. We are all entitled to protect our heart, especially from those we are closest to, the ones that should know better than to hurt us emotionally.

Many people are vulnerable to those that know them the best, those that they trust with their inner stories, those they thelmselves, shelter and protect from harm at their own emotional expense. Those people should remember to protect themselves first, so that they can be there when others need protection.

Love, respect, and, trust to one another are the keys to protecting each other from emotional suffering at the hands of an offender. The inner circle of those we are closest to is a social necessity for most of us. Lies, deceit, and abandonment destroy the inner circle of love, respect, and trust.

In protecting our hearts we should be careful to not harm another in the enforcement of ourselves or our inner circle. There may be temptation to get even with a transgressor who acted unwisely against our emotional needs or the emotional needs of the inner circle.

It is better in my opinion to get whole by calmly and clearly expressing our steadfast belief in ourselves and offering forgiveness to the transgressor.

Feeling whole is easier to live with than even for me. Which perspective works for you?


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