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September 7, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Nowhere Man

The above image, Nexus Of Nowhere is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is You're Still A Young Man by the Tower Of Power, released in 1972.

Thirty-nine years ago this weekend started out on the longest numbers of hours I ever stayed awake. It almost cost me my life. I'll explain next.

I was visiting my girlfriend at her college where she had just started attending. I arrived in the mid-morning to pick her up at her dorm. We then went out for the entire day together and that lasted until the very early morning hours in the next day. It was a memorable set of experiences in many ways and new thresholds of understanding were passed between us. I didn't want the day (or night) to end.

She was staying at a college friend's home that weekend, so I dropped her off at about 4:00 a.m., and started back home from the western suburbs of Chicago. I was dead-tired from being up and around for about 22 hours. I was looking for the expressway entrance to take me back home. This area was brand new to me and I was becoming lost driving around. I was nowhere that I recognized in that wooded suburban region of the last 1960's.

Finally I saw an expressway sign in my side-view mirror and decided to turn around and head back for it. I was starting to fall asleep at this time and struggling to stay awake. A disaster in the making under any set of circumstances.

The next thing I know is that cars are honking at me and lights are passing very close to my car as I drove. I suddenly swerved to miss an oncoming car as I was heading up a slight incline. The horn of that car blasting me awake!

It came as a tremendous shock to me that I was driving the wrong way on that expressway at 65 miles-per-hour! I immediately became fully awake from fear! I slowed down and turned off on the the shoulder. I shook for at least ten minutes as I began to realize how stupid I had been!! I then drove to the nearest exit and pulled over to sleep for a couple hours. When I awoke, I safely drove back home, but very concerned.

That was the last time I ever drove while tired. Not only may I have been killed, I could have killed someone else. I still feel the guilt of that event and ashamed that I had been so careless.

I write this story today because it serves as an an abject lesson to some other young folks who may experience a new sense of freedom when they or their love partner leave home for college. Explore the new territory made available to you, but do it safely.


Today is the 91st anniversary of my mother's birth. She passed away at age 83 back in January 2000. Members of my family and extended family often include her in our thoughts.


I published three more Oxidizer Desktop Backgrounds today, including the one shown above.


I published the short story, The Man Who Never Lived. Adding the numbers shown below from the other site I publish some of my stories, to the current Short Stories Statistics By Title count, indicates a total approaching 8,000 reads have occurred since the introduction of these stories back in March of this year.


The Early Adopters who purchased the iPhone are getting a $100 credit towards their next Apple purchase. That move by Apple seems more than fair compensation to me.


I watched the streaming video of the super-hot Apple iPod announcements yesterday.

My thoughts drift off to purchasing the iPod touch. Well, not only my thoughts tell me to do this. Certain anatomical adjustments take place when I think of the coolness of that device for displaying my art and music, and maybe videos.


I found Business Essentials while browsing Guy Kawasaki's site. Business Essentials may be helpful for small to medium size companies who want a web-based solution to managing their business.

Also at Guy's blog, he has a commentary about Ego's.

I met Guy back in 1983 when he was heading up the Evangelist Group at Apple and at several times since at various venues. He's a vert smart and funny guy.


This scientist mapped his own DNA.


Intel has released a new set of quad-core processors.


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