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September 7, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Last 9% Perspective

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Today's music is one of my own creations, Amo Tu.

Had my Mother lived, today she would have reached her 90th birthday. I think of her often, especially since she would have enjoyed being a great-grandmother again with the recent birth of my granddaughter. It is a time of reflection for me. In a few more days another anniversary will arrive that contains an even higher degree of reflection.

Almost five years ago, I published a story about a period of my life that I consider to be the most important revelation in my life. That story has been viewed over 9,000 times since then by visitors from all over the world. I've spoken about it at times when I am discussing life with people I know or meet. It is a story of Emergence. I published it on September 10, 2001; the last day of peace for Americans and much of the world.

No matter what the politicians say, America will never be going back to the way it was before 9/11. It would be more realistic to expect the United States to revert to being a British Colony than to see this country assume the perspectives of itself it once held before 9/11. Now the struggle in the years since and in the years to come, is the acceptance that we Americans changed and we can never go back to a more naive nation. We can only go forward with conviction and perseverance that we all shared Ground Zero and we who survived have an obligation and duty to adapt to the world we now live in together.

Ironically, the years that followed for me grew more internally peaceful as I continually learn and apply the knowledge and wisdom from that earlier period of my personal reappraisal of self. The ratio of the last five years out of my total time alive amounts to about 9% of my existence. While I am proud of all my ups and downs in life because they made me who I am today, I appreciate these last five years the most.

It's nice to have reached a very deep understanding of self. The comfort of eliminating hang-ups is well worth the emotional cost to reach this station in life. All my volunteer efforts are geared towards the Pay It Forward concept as a form of social repayment for the life lessons I learned along the way. I sit back at times like this and wonder what our world would be like if most people took the time to implement their version of this concept?

As this web site continues to gain new readers, I can see what interests people and how to convert that feedback into constructive new venues either here or in real life. Every week I receive messages from people, some I know, some are strangers. Just this past week, I received comments from folks who are about ten or so years older than I and they provided some insights of what life is like from their perspectives as older citizens. America should recognize older citizens are a valuable resource, making important contributions to our culture.

Another new reader wrote me for permission to use some of my images for an important social issue she is about to strongly advocate via the web. She will receive whatever help I can provide free of charge when she announces her project to the public.

As the Summer comes to a close, I will have more time to write additional chapters for my book [link since deleted]. The 9% perspective I have now benefits from that effort. I can only be better as a result.


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