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September 2, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Good Things Come In Two's

The above image Twin Hearts Of Gold is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's songs are two in number to celebrate today's theme:

  1. Wouldn't it Be Nice by The Beach Boys, released in 1966
  2. Call Me by Chris Montez, released in 1966

Forty years ago today was the last day of the simple period of my life. Starting the next day, my life would become more complicated, more complex and starting me on a path I'm still on. I thought about this anniversary a lot yesterday while watching one of my favorite Star Trek Next Generation episodes, The Inner Light.

In that episode, Captain Picard is connected to a probe that reveals another existence he lives during the tethering to that probe. It is one of the best shows in the series.

It occurred to me that this web site is a probe for me and for all the readers that visit this site. It is a conjunction of sorts with me being the author stimulated by life experiences; some of those experiences mine and some from others. Together it has become a popular place to create for and visit. I hope the road of Time Out Of Mind as it winds around the Internet and through the various lives it draws from remains a good place to peer into each other's perspectives.

The songs I picked to highlight today were the symbols for an exchange of perspectives once for me and another person. I like to feel I lived up to my end of the exchange the best I could in all the years since. Sometimes I failed, thus giving me an opportunity to learn and reflect on the lessons.

It takes two to Tango, so they say. I know that to be true, first hand. It is a very good feeling to be part of a twosome, yet be able to stand alone as well.

Lately some of the conversations I have deal with situations involving two people. Some of my recent art creations are inspired by the understanding that a solitary person achieves much less alone and so much more when in combination with another. Yet, one person often is the initiator and brings about a change in conditions for them both: new awareness, new thoughts, and new feelings.

Some of my other new creations on today's theme of two's are a direct result of all these contemplations. Further down this page you will find their mention.

We are living in a time when doubling-up may provide the strength we need to persevere against the challenges we all face. Choose wisely in the bonding and happiness should result for all your days.


I published a new movie on my QuickTime Videos page, Twin Flames Video iTouch. It is formatted to display properly on Apple's iTouch and iPhone devices (after downloading and installing into iTunes) (thumbnail shown below).


I published one new iPhone Portrait mode image, Twin Hearts Of Gold (thumbnail shown below).


My late Uncle Woodrow used to give me about 10 movie tickets to the Avalon Theater for my birthday and Christmas each year starting when I was nine years old in April 1959. While watching a favorite movie of mine, Rio Bravo last Sunday, I realized in looking at the release date of April 1959 that it was the first movie I saw alone at the Avalon theater in Chicago, IL, using one of those tickets. I found a YouTube video of one of the songs from that movie, My Rifle, My Pony, and Me.

It seems to me that the simple period of my life started on that first solitary journey to the Avalon theater long ago in 1959.

Sherry, Jenny, and I visited the Old Tucson movie studio in 1986 where Rio Bravo and so many other great films were made. In April 2002 Sherry and I returned there as part of our 29th Wedding Anniversary celebration and took photos of some of the buildings used in that film.

I've been part of a twosome most of the time since 1968 with a few interruptions. Sherry and I have been a twosome for over 35 years now. Jenny and Michael a twosome for about fourteen years. Their two children round out the set. The number two has been good to me.


On Sunday, August 31, 2008, I met Dawn Rosenfeld, Optician and owner of Cali-Optix at a local Street Fair. She was sharing the business booth with my friend, Dr. Pierre Doche, D.D.S. It is an example of two businesses sharing their presence to the thousands of attendess.

I made two interview podcasts [ Link since removed ] with Dr. Doche in 2005 and you'll find out out a bit about his philosophy by listening to them.


Found on the web links for September 1, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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