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September 2, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

From The Beginning

Today's song, From The Beginning, is from 1972 by the group, "Emerson, Lake, and Palmer." It underscores title and theme of this milestone message.

The long road of visitors and search engines combine today or tomorrow to reach the One Million Page Views milestone since this site started on April 2, 2002. It is a very humbling goal. Thank you to all who contributed to this achievement.

Update: Wheel Of Fate was recorded as the page to reach the milestone threshold at 7:04:35 am Pacific Time on September 3, 2005.

In the last ten years I have had many web sites, by far this one is the most successful in terms of popularity. It is globally popular as a matter of fact. In terms of Goggle space, many of the pages here are in the first page of results on searches using words from the site's titled pages. It's only humility that keeps me from changing my middle name to, "Google". ;-)

Seriously, Time Out Of Mind is a place of my appreciation for all the people who touched my life along the way. The art attempts to reveal the numerous emotions that flow through me. Back in 1997 at the start of being an artist, I never thought I could express so many emotions in strong or subtle ways as I have. It was a revelation to find out the more I would seek within me the more insights I could discover and ultimately express. There is a very good reason why the art conveys more than could ever be said about it.

The Memories Of A Pathfinder stories told here are true. Sometimes I think I should have told them with the full intensity they deserved. I have such a strong memory that I can relive particular moments as if they just occurred no matter how much time has passed. Better writers would have the talent to represent such recollections to a higher degree of fidelity than I. Nonetheless, I know most of the time the tone and degree of information I imparted was reasonable for this medium. There is a very good reason why there is always more to the story than what I wrote here.

I always will enjoy face-to-face communication better than any other form. As much as I enjoy Time Out Of Mind, it can never reveal the real me. That was never it's intention. The emails I write, the web pages I publish, they're just mere placeholders in time and space until we can meet in-person some day to really get to know one another; wouldn't it be nice.

My inroad into technology initially was a hobby I turned into a career and over the last three years I have turned it back into my hobby again. That is one circle I managed just right. The music and video I created have enhanced the experience here and expanded my talents in different ways from the art and stories. The software code I provided and books reviews I gave are just some of the ways I try to give back to the technology community for what it gave to me over the last twenty-five years.

There are a couple important anniversaries coming up soon. I have some thoughts to put down for their arrival and publish when it's time. This means I still have some plans for this site and it's not going away anytime soon.

Recently, the author of Perfect Pixels contacted me, her cool web site contained great pictures and reminders of some adventures I had in high school back in 1966. Like that writer, those who write me or make comments when they see me are always appreciated. The interaction between most of you and I is symbiotic in nature.

For those whose contact with me is intimate and personal, let's keep up the dialog when we meet. Most of those people are my close friends and soul mates at various distances. Of course, my wife and daughter are always close to me, bonded by love and trust. All are respectfully loved accordingly.


New Additions:

Next I list the updates I've published here over the last week or so:


With the arrival of Labor Day, I end my Digital Insight series for the Summer with the image below. I know a lot about 'emergence' from my own first-hand experiences. That's a subject for an upcoming home page message soon. For now I decided to use this image today since I know some friends that are still struggling with some personal circumstances and have not yet even partially emerged from their situation. It also applies to people directy effected by our nation's tragedy along the Gulf Coast. For all of them, I wish the best and hope they do emerge soon.

Emergence (Image created in July 2003)

Some of my friends share deep secrets with me and I with them. Some secrets reveal the issues we've faced or are facing in life. Some people try hard to find their own path; others initially want someone else to lead them to the truth. Those in the latter group will eventually join the former when they realize it's the only way to true resolution.

I'm a big believer that each person needs to find their own inner serenity, in their own way, in their own time and pace. I'm there if needed, as a positive supporter of their quest. Not as a counselor, just a friend. I do not attempt to provide them a solution to their troubles. Their search for accountability does not exist externally. Only from within their own being will they find peace, understanding, and love.

It's my interpretation in the image to express what it's like when a person breaks free of the self-imposed bounds and their Spirit stretches out unrestricted into the open. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"A long road traveled through winding dark canyons, breaks out to the open plain."


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