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October 31, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Finding Missing LinkedIn's

The above image, Late African Afternoon is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Never Can Say Goodbye by The Jackson 5, released in 1971.

My LinkedIn group continues to expand. Some of the latest additions are friends from my years at A.T. Kearney, Inc., (ATK). Yesterday, Felicitas, joined in from Düsseldorf, Germany, where I traveled to on company assignments, four times between June 1993 and December 1994.

I made many friends in Düsseldorf, the European headquarters for ATK. For a while in late 1993, I was considered for a brand new position there, Director of Client-Server Database Technologies for Europe for my ground-breaking work in client-server database and workflow work I was doing at Chicago's global headquarters back then. It was a great opportunity to advance my career right along the time my software business partnership, EveryDay Objects, Inc. (EDO) was starting up. EDO's Logo shown below.

Sherry and I would have had to move to Düsseldorf for at least two years, away from our daughter just starting in college that next fall. We talked about that a lot. In the end the job offer was withdrawn due to the behind-the-scenes buy-out talks between the senior partners of ATK and EDS in early 1994. Some things just aren't destined to happen. God had other plans for the Larson's.

Now I'm linking back up with some of those ATK folks and enjoying catching up on what's been going on with us since we left ATK. Maybe some new opportunities will unfold in time. Life is very interesting at times.


San Diego County has a reverse-911 registration web site for emergency notifications. That system was very effective last week in getting advance notice to folks in danger from the fires.


The continent of Africa awaits to Internet revolution so many of us in the developed nations take for granted.


I like this idea to make phone calls. When will it show up here?


The world is running out of the traditional net addresses.


New ways to sell music.


The Last Supper in hi-res.


Term limits end the reign of an Internet pioneer.


Don't be a victim of dirty data.


The battle of libraries in the technology age continues unabated.


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