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October 30, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Celebrating Life

The above image is, Wings Of The Hawk

Today's song is Elusive Butterfly by Bob Lind, released in 1966.

No matter where you live now or how old you are, celebrate all the days of you life because life goes by very quickly. Some days maybe be brighter than others, let the light within you always shine as bright as it can.

When a life of someone close to you ends, rejoice in the time you had together. They live on in your memories of them. The same can be said of those you loved, even if you no longer see them.

Many people beyond my count have intersected my life and registered their effects on me. I left some effects on most of them too.

This website remains a conduit of humanity from my perspective. I reach out to you and you reach back. We may or may not ever know each other, speak to each other, or even see each other. Still, the touching takes place, the connection made, the acknowledgement exchanged.


I published one new Desktop Background, Errant Passions (smaller version shown below):


It took just over 5 months to reach another 1/3 million page views on October 28, 2009. At this rate late next summer this website should reach 5 million page views. I thank all my loyal and new readers.


Google Maps is a useful tool. Playing around with it today it revealed to me that I could walk (non-stop) from my city to my friend Larry, in North Bend, WA in 16 days 9 hours. It turns out that Google actually has a pretty good path on how that course is completed. Of course, if I only walked for 8 hours a day instead of 24, I would get there in over 70 days. ;-)


Thank you to those pioneers that threw the switch on Day One of the new age.


On Wednesday night I attended the dinner meeting for the Project Management Institute San Diego Component. The main speaker was Rick A. Morris. He is the best public speaker I have ever heard. His perspective of the project manager's responsibilities are well founded.


My friend, Marc, referred this link to me, Too Big to Manage?


One more great reason to switch from PC's to Mac's.

For those math majors using a Mac.


Use your iPhone to make translations.


I flew on many of these jets.


I discovered this cool site!


My friend, Nancy, sent me this link about the recent, San Diego Tea Party Express


Found on the web links for October 29, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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