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October 30, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Too Many People?

Today's song is Hello Stranger by Barbara Lewis, released in 1963.

I was reading about the projected population growth over the next 36 years when it is predicted America will add another 100 million people. When I looked at the map related to that USA Today story, I noticed the majority of the population density will be in the Midwest and East sections of the country. Those places are already crowded and putting a strain on resources and logistics.

I feel fairly confident I won't be alive to witness that milestone of 400 million people. Knowing how poorly politicians deal with long-term planning, there are bound to be various national crisis that develop along the way to 2043. Nature has a funny way of balancing things out over time. The results aren't always pleasant. Just think of New Orleans and the Katrina Hurricane as one example.


With the elections only a week away, I'm mentioning a couple people in my local city races that I think deserve my vote next week. One is Jim Desmond who is running for Mayor of San Marcos. I met him a couple years ago and he seems to be honest and has common-sense plans for the city.

A few days ago I was approached by Dean Nelson who was walking around the neighborhood soliciting feedback about his run for San Marcos City Council. We spent about 20 minutes talking about some of the issues the city needs to handle better and just the general attitude of those that run for office. If Jim and Dean get elected, I expect to see significant changes to the running of this city.


Lastly, here's an issue concerning Microsoft and Vista that users should be aware of if they intend to purchase that software when it is released. It looks like Microsoft is going to make it harder for users to stay licensed when they upgrade their own computers with new hardware.

Some Windows users like to upgrade motherboards and other hardware from time-to-time. Apparently Vista will employ an anti-piracy feature that will severely impact users who install it on a particular hardware configuration and prevent it from running if that configuration changes!

It's amazing that Microsoft continues to make it harder for its own users to legally own their software. I hope Apple never does anything so blatantly offensive to its users.


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