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October 29, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

An Exacting Change Required

The above image, Stormy is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Stormy by the Classics IV, released in 1968.

Increasing uncertainty abounds nowadays as the economic storm clouds gather above us. An election is near and the casting of votes may lead to better times or merely the illusion of better times. I figure the real assessment of the political winds arrive when the Congressional midterm elections of November 2010 are over.

So much is in flux right now it will take at least two years to know if those elected next week set us on the right track or derailed us in this time of crisis. I still feel it's the Federal elections of 2012 that will be the deciding factor for how America is run for the subsequent 20-25 years.

These next four years will be the time spent sweeping up the mismanagement of the last 63 years when America overreached, overspent, and overreacted to matters beyond its control. Now it's time to pay the piper for that folly.

I have faith in the American people that we will in the years to come, recognize our national limitations in geopolitics that is not manageable in the way we previously imagined it. I look forward to the time when America gets our own national affairs and security in order.

Maybe all the problems we face now will in time, give us a new perspective for a more realistic approach? One that in my humble opinion, is primarily focused on the improvements and benefits of Americans first and foremost. We may have enough money in the U.S. Treasury to do that by 2012 or so if it hasn't been spent on wasteful ideas in the interim.


To those celebrating a birthday towards the end of this month, enjoy the fact that you are one year older than last year. The years are going by faster now as you advance in age, have you noticed that?

You were probably teased once about having your birthday so close to Halloween. It comes with being born in the vicinity of a holiday of such notoriety. I myself have that same issue being born on April 1st.

You are a Scorpio. I have known some Scorpio's in my time that lived up to the expectations.


Stalemate of a Thought Digital Insight (PDF) is an expanded version of the narration for the digital image, Stalemate of a Thought.


As a partner in a small business, this article is interesting to me. If investing time and money into a business won't be profitable, then it will be time to consider other efforts in life.


I first wrote about this concern in a corporate memo back in 1987 when I was a Data Processing Manager in Chicago. I wish I had kept a copy of that memo around. :-(


Did you receive your free taco on Tuesday from Taco Bell? I did! I was there right at my nearest store at 2:00 pm and already the place had served some freebies via the drive-thru window.


My cousin, Linda, has a very artistic eye for digital scrapbooks. So much so she is now doing it commercially. Check out her new website, Digital Beauty Designs. You can reach her via email too.


Found on the web links for October 28, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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