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October 29, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Dried And True

The above image is Valley of Thirst

Today's song is Have You Ever Seen The Rain? by Creedence Clearwater Revival, released in 1970.

The world as a whole is using up its natural resources at an alarming rate. The reduction of available fresh water is just one of the issues of the 21st century. We in the United States face water shortages.

Residents of southern California experience the drying up of water supplies. Sooner or later really tough measures will appear to attempt to deal with the brewing crisis. Real solutions will take a long time to implement. There will be actions to attempt to mitigate the situations, instead of solving them. This happens quite frequently and as a result, the problems will be perpetuated.

Like most social problems, nothing is really done to tackle the issue until a severe crisis emerges. We are fast approaching that time when action surely will be taken.

Unfortunately, it will be politicians that attempt to solve the problems. They are the worst people to solve problems, because they usually only think of how their efforts will benefit themselves, not benefit those they represent.


On the September 24, 2007 home page, I explained that I passed my PMI CAPM Exam. Below is a copy of the actual CAPM Certificate that arrived last week. Under that is the official description of the CAPM Certificate.


I wrote a new short story inspired by a friend of mine, The Artist.


Fires are a regular problem in wooded areas. We choose to put ourselves in danger and throw the dice.


A loyal American is doing great work to help keep people safe.


I watched part of the 1962 movie, The Trial on Saturday night. In reading the comments on the Internet Movie Database, someone pointed to this chilling article about justice courts in New York State.


The U.S. Senate passed legislation extending the ban on Internet taxes for seven years. I think that ban should be permanent.

The Senators are also investigating content blocking. This is another area that should be permanently banned.


I discovered where you can watch old TV shows online. That's cool!


Do you remember penny-candy?


For those interested in UFO history.


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