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October 28, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]


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That bewitching time of year is again upon us. Strange forces are at work between Apple's iPod Nano, the repealing of the Chicago White Sox Curse, and, our true selves for a short time this Autumn.

It is a time of wearing a different mask than we usually do for most other days of the year.

On Monday night, Trick-or-Treaters will travel the neighborhoods surprising those that answer the door and wisely offer a treat so that any considered tricks are saved for another unprepared doorway.

The Ghosts of the Old Comiskey Park have been set free this year. They rise to another tune, perhaps a 1,000 other tunes, who really knows for sure? Protect yourself with an iPod Nano and wear it proudly to warn them away from you.

It's a weekend of different celebrations depending on the occasion. Enjoy the ones you participate in and stay safe from harm. That is my wish to you...


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