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October 26, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

From The Ashes And Fears

The above image is Broken Dreams Island

Today's song is Ashes To Ashes by The Fifth Dimension, released in 1973.

Most of San Diego County is safe now from the October Firestorm 2007. The rebuilding begins as is the habit of nearly all affected people of this southern California region. The human spirit is renewable and although right now it is bleak for many, the future will be brighter.

We already know the firefighters are heros. Soon the stories of ordinary citizen heros will emerge. The tragic stories of those who lost their lives will be accounted for in time. People will help one another in the time to come. Every generation learns these lessons to some degree.

To all that called and wrote to Sherry and I with your concerns and prayers, thank you. We were lucky again this third time since we moved here in 1996.


The Geo-4 Report from the United Nations may be an important document for you to read.


For those that are looking for fire victims or if you are a victim and you want someone to try to find you, here's a web page for you.


Say thanks to our troops. Perhaps this idea could be extended to firefighters?


My State Governor is doing a great job!


The bigger they are, the harder they fall.


I see another strike at Navistar occurred. The cycle of what is old is new again, it seems.


The threat of virtual worlds? I remember back in the 1950's when I was told Rock-N-Roll would ruin America. So is this a problem or what?

Oh, I see, maybe our descendants turn out like this in the future?


From one of the worst web-formatted pages on the Internet, is a 2008 Salary Report. They must not pay their web designers enough is all I can say.


Now this is a novel way to fight a traffic ticket. It might even work if the judge knows what the defendant is even talking about.


Steve Jobs talks of the rosy future for Apple, Inc. Apple just posted a huge profit this last quarter, $904 million!

Last Saturday I spoke to a man at the UTC Mall who I noticed had just purchased an iMac. He said this was his first Mac, purchased because his Windows computer crashed. He was totally excited to get home to set it up. I'm sure he will be a very satisfied user.


Apple is starting to use the ZFS File System in MacOS 10.5, Leopard in some form.


This sounds like a cool way to Screen-Share using MacOS 10.5, Leopard.


Walt Mossberg has an important perspective about locked/unlocked cell phones.


Google adds IMAP access for GMail.


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