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October 24, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Stirring The Memories

The above image is of the author taken in 1973

Today's song is Those Good Ol' Dreams by The Carpenters, released in 1981.

In this past week I scanned several class photographs (1959-64) from my years at Caldwell Elementary School in Chicago. I distributed them to several of my friends as former classmates at that school and it stirred their memories--and mine.

None of the pictures had names of the students in the pictures. As a result several emails have been exchanged between us in an attempt to correctly identify who's who in the photos. One complication is some of the people in the picture did not attend the school for as many years as most of us did. This becomes difficult to remember someone from almost 50 years ago when you only knew them as classmates for a short time. Nonetheless some of my former have provided identification for those I don't remember very well at all.

Another factor that I noticed is that sometimes we can force a recognition of a person when in fact, that is not the person we think it is. The brain and the way we remember faces can occasionally be fooled by our wishes and expectations. Later, when the facts are verified as to whom a person is, we can conjure up a better recollection and the initial mistaken impressions fade.

There is a strong bond between people who knew each other from a very young age that perseveres throughout the decades. This is true between my friends as the former classmates from Caldwell. In an instant we can look at a photo and place ourselves back in that spot, being flooded with good ol' memories of a simpler time and place. We can individually connect with the dreams we had of our future and consider if any of them became true.


As part of my scanning efforts, I added two 1964 Caldwell Elementary School Graduation documents in pdf format:

The first one covers our graduation day events. The second is the school newsletter containing writings and musings from the school's various grades and also the McDowell school entries. It offers some insight into what the students thought and felt about on the south side of Chicago in a nation still emerging from the Kennedy Assassination and before the Vietnam War became so real for all of us. That newsletter brings me closer to understanding those I knew then at that time in their lives. Maybe it will interest others now that it is publicly available here?


One of my Caldwell friends alerted me to a premonition on Election Day that apparantly is my fault. I have been warned...


I scanned the picture of me as I looked in 1973 because I knew my wife, Sherry would enjoy seeing how I appeared around the time we married. I clipped it out of a picture I was in regarding the Grand Marsh, Wisconsin Lions Club Charter Night Dinner. I was First Vice President at the time in that very small town volunteer club.


I published one new short story, The Teacher.


I added a link to, "Elusive Butterfly" on the Don's YouTube Picks page.


Artist Mark Nelson, husband of my Caldwell friend, Anna, has a cool motorcycle slideshow on his website. A blues music beat accompanies the slideshow. It's all part of his ongoing exhibit at Motoworks in Chicago. You can read his recent interview to learn more about Mark and his portfolio.

I didn't know Mark and Anna had Motorcycle Fever until today.


I love the new Get A Mac ad, Bean Counter.


Found on the web links for October 23, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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