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October 23, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Autumn Thoughts 2009

The above image, Haystack Memories is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Woman by John Lennon, released in 1980.

Even been on a hayride? I participated in a couple different ones in the years before I was married. Both times the nighttime weather was cool, but not too cold. I only knew the girl I was with and perhaps one or two more people out of the entire group on those rides. The rides lasted an hour or so, but everyone had a good time.

When I was an even younger person, I enjoyed romping through the fallen leaf piles in my childhood neighborhood. I'm not sure why that was so enjoyable to hear my feet swishing through the leaves, or throwing a bunch of dead leaves up in the air. Lot's of kids did the same thing back then, so maybe it was a peer pressure reaction.

The months of October and November in Chicago was a time to enjoy the shorter days and early evenings outside without the need for hats, gloves, or heavy coats. Those items were reserved for winter, mostly. I could still ride my bike around before the snow and ice weather arrived with winter.

For the past thirteen years, my autumns here in San Diego are spent about the same way as the rest of the seasons of the year. There are no dead leaf piles, and hayrides don't appeal to me at this age either. I do enjoy my annual reading of, Injun Summer. It's been a habit of mine to read that wonderful message for many decades now. When I was young, I was the boy in the picture. Now I'm the man. Maybe in a few years I can read the story to my grandkids and see if they carry on my tradition...


The new iMac 27-inch is a screamer for a consumer-level system.


Here's part one of a best practices when using Microsoft Project. Too many users think software is a magic wand, a replacement for proper thinking. It's not!

Another article about using 3-point estimation for Work.

Lastly today, a video (requires Windows) showing how to create Budget Resources in Microsoft Project.


I haven't made a podcast [ Link since removed ] in years. For those interested in it, an article about suggested equipment.


My friend, Nicki, provides life coaching services. She's climbed six of the highest mountains on the continents and knows about personal motivation.


I saw this very interesting article about taking photographs using a kite.


I met, Kenneth L. Hawkins, today. He was talking about his participation in a new online marketing process that kicked-off today. Ken used to play guitar on Marvin Gaye tracks. His stories of his musical days are very interesting.


Found on the web links for October 22, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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